lundi 10 mars 2014

Lecture Horizontal Drawing / Sint Lucas Antwerp

Horizontal Drawing Research Lab : Arpaïs Du Bois, Karen Vermeren, Rinus Van de Velde & Marc Nagtzaam presenteren :


Benjamin Monti
19/03 - 18:30
Lecture Horizontal Drawing
Sint Lucas Antwerp
Free Entry

Benjamin Monti is a young artist living and working in Liège. He is represented by Galerie Nadja Vilenne. He exposes often his work abroad. Recently he showed his work in Musée lanchelevici in La Louvière. He situates himself “at the crossroads of text, graphic art and the fine arts."

Monti is a specialist in recycling images. He explores dialogues between drawing and text in the form of the graphic novel and the private diary. His work can be interpreted as “suspended moments”, as fragments from stories in progress. Human beings, beast and plants are taken away from their original context and seem to float in the absurd space of paper.

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