lundi 1 juin 2015

Affiche pour les concerts de SUZUKI JUNZO and friends (Japan) + BRUITAL ORGASME (be) + MONNIK (be)

Collectif Mental Proudly Presents: 

SUZUKI JUNZO and friends (Japan) + BRUITAL ORGASME (be) + MONNIK (be) / Samedi 6 Juin 2015 / 7 euros /  20:00 / L’Aquilone, 25 Boulevard Saucy, 4020 Liège

Artwork Benjamin Monti, mai 2015.


Suzuki Junzo, le drone/experimental master guitariste du soleil levant est de retour à Liège. D'une part pour présenter son nouvel album sorti sur Plunk's Plan-Nod And Smile Records intitulé "Seven". Mais également pour se lancer dans une jam shamanique et trans-noise avec certains musiciens du terreau Liègeois... Tom Malmendier est confirmé derrière les fûts ainsi que son comparse de l’Oeil Kollectif, Bertrand de Lamalle au saxophone… Ca sent déjà la claque. 


Bruital Orgasme is Fil & Nath, from Belgium. They give intense and physical performances.They play with frequencies, sounds they record during their travels, home made sounds generators, modified devices, lost and found sounds from many sources (as old vinyls or tapes), turntables (with or without records), contact microphones, non musical instruments (drills, spinning wheel, ...

MONNIK (Gand) 

Monnik (Monk) is a very apt moniker for this Belgian based experimental one-man band. Monnik wants to explore the boundaries of spiritual isolation, making his musical drones almost ascetic meditations. Layer upon layer of sounds and textures try to evoke an almost shamanistic – if not religious – atmosphere, in order to captivate the audience in an introspective hold.

After having crafted his musical explorations for years, and having them tested on numerous live occasions, the time is finally right to officially release his debut album. Vondeling (Foundling) comprises of 2 long tracks, and ranges from subtle and vulnerable ambient pieces to harsher droning sounds. These dynamics are hinting at his fascination for, on the one hand, shamanistic and tribalistic traditions and, on the other hand, the uncompromising and relentless walls of noise of the no-wave scene.

This debut album is a remarkably mature output of a very promising one-man soundscaper.

For fans of: Ashtoreth, Syndrome, Sunn 0))), Swans, Aidan Baker, thisquietarmy, Wrekmeister Harmonies, …

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